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Cameroon’s police history

On June 1, 1946, the High Commissioner of the French Republic signed an order "on the reorganization of the National Security in the territories of Cameroon". On August 31 of the same year, he signed another decree "on the transformation of the body of the native police into a body of peace and public security guards". This text is in fact the birth certificate of the uniformed police. The year 1947 marked the creation of the Security Department and the organization of a specialized service. On January 29, 1968, a decree fixes the defense missions of the regular, auxiliary and auxiliary forces. On April 9 of the same year, a presidential instruction fixes the missions of the National Security within the framework of Defense. On October 29 of the same year, by means of a decree, the "General Statute of National Security" was born. Article 1 of this text states that: "This statute applies to staff members of the Federal Security and the police forces of the federated states who now constitute the National Security Corps". The following year, on May 3, 1969, a decree "on the organization of the National Security" gave concrete form to the reorganization of the organizations dispersed by federal provisions.

The previous situation was characterized by the superposition of several authorities in charge of each part of the dislocated Police: The President of the Republic, for Federal Security and the Prime Minister or the Minister of the Interior for the Federated Police. Article 4 of this new organization chart now placed the National Security under a single authority, namely the President of the Federal Republic.

It is therefore Decree No. 69 / DF / 60 of May 3, 1969, which creates the General Delegation for National Security. This will be the case until December 28, 1992, when the Head of State signs Decree No. 92/255 of December 28, 1992, "on the organization of the State Secretariat for Internal Security". National Security therefore becomes the State Secretariat for Internal Security.

Four years later, we note the return to square one. Decree n ° 96/034 of March 1, 1996 “establishing the General Delegation for National Security” again establishes the General Delegation for National Security.

The missions of the Cameroonian police

According to Article 3 of Decree No. 2002/003 of January 4, 2002, the National Security's mission is to ensure respect and protection of institutions, public freedoms, persons and property.

Beyond this fundamental mission, it also ensures respect for the execution of laws and regulations, contributes to the exercise of the administrative police and the judicial police; Considering a regular force, the National Security also contributes to national defense. To meet their objectives, the Cameroonian Police body will organize itself from a few directorates in its central administration (I) and in police stations and public security police station to fight against insecurity in urban areas (II) like this is the case in the city of Yaoundé.

Nkol-Afamba Police

The Nkol-Afamba district Security, for law enforcement support missions, has a special police station and a public security station, which responds to the contact details below:

Nkol-Afamba Special Commissariat:

  • Commissioner: Tel: + 237 6 55 97 77 76
  • Deputy Commissioner: Tel: + 237 6 55 97 77 77

Nkol-Afamba Police Station:

  • Head of post: Tel: + 237 6 55 97 77 78

The municipality of Nkol-Afamba encourages the participation of all citizens of the municipality and its surroundings, to participate in making peace and security reign in our municipality, by collaborating actively, at all times and in all places with the national gendarmerie services.

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