Marriage certificate

Marriage certificate

Required documents :

  • Hand-written application addressed to the Mayor ;
  • Certified photocopies of the Nationall identification carte or of the birth certificate of the spouses
  • Photocopy of the national identity card of witnesses and parents with one person on each side of the spouses;
  • 9 4x4 photos of the couple if they want a family record book.which -amounts to 5000frs

The conditions to be fulfilled are :

  • Be of legal age (21 years required in Cameroon);
  • The publication of the bans must be done at least one (01) month before the wedding;
  •  The celebration takes place at the civil status center (at the town hall).
    For any movement out of the registrar’s area of competence, a dispensation addressed to the President of the Republic through a Prosecutor of the Republic is necessary. (The dispensation is requested by the engaged couple)

Exceptions :

  • If the fiancée is a minor of 15 years of age or the fiancé is 18years old, the registrar must receive a dispensation from the President of the Republic.

How much does it cost?

  • Two (02) municipal stamps for the request: 1000 CFA francs
  • One (01) receipt for the provision of services: 2 000 CFA francs
  • Ten (10) municipal stamps for publication and marriage certificates: 5 000 CFA francs
  • One (01) family record book: 5 000 CFA francs

When one (01) of the fiancés is a minor, his consent is supported by that of his parents.

Confirmation of the marriage is given one (01) week before the day of the celebration and programmed by the celebrating mayor.

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