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Nkol-Afamba Communal Development

This document is the Nkol-Afamba Communal Development Plan. Fruit of technical support from OAL SLEC (Service de Liaison d'Etudes et de Conseils) and support financing of the National Participatory Development Program, it was drawn up on the basis of participatory work carried out at the level of the municipal institution, urban space and forty-eight (48) villages located in the rural area of the Commune of Nkol-Afamba.

The realisation of the Communal Development Plan aims to provide the Nkol-Afamba Municipality, a reference tool for boosting local development in the strict compliance with national guideline described in framework documents such as "Strategy Paper for Growth and Employment (DSCE) ", sectoral policies,"Vision 2035". The mission was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the "Regional Guide and local planning method ”as well as the PNDP“ Check List ”relating to the local planning process. This support took place through seven major stages namely: Preparation; participatory diagnosis; Planning ; the resource mobilization; programming ; the implementation and monitoring and evaluation of PCD..

Diagnostic participatory activities were carried out at the level of the municipal institution, urban space and 48 villages located in rural areas of the Municipality. They thus made it possible to examine the problems / constraints, the assets / potentials as well as the needs and projects to be undertaken in the development process of the Municipality of Nkol-Afamba. Among the recurring problems in Nkol-Afamba, we can mention:

  • the isolation of production basins;
  • the insufficiency and / or obsolescence of hydraulic, health and school infrastructures, market and social;
  • the weak supervision of vulnerable groups;
  • loss of biodiversity and the adverse effects of climate change.

The municipal institution is not so far behind in the management of financial and human resources as in asset management and relations with the private/public sector.

Following the participatory diagnosis, the planning consisted in linking the projects priority to sectoral policies and to validate logical frameworks. Needs analysis expressed by the populations.To achieve these, activities have been identified and planned for a total PCD amount of Four billion twenty four million eight hundred and fifty thousand (4,024,850,000) francs.

Nkol-Afamba Communal Development

Nkol-Afamba Communal Development Plan for more details

Published on 07/20/2020

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