Investor reception unit

The missions of the Investors Reception Unit of the Municipality of Nkol-Afamba are numerous and carried out in close collaboration with other departments of the municipalities and our network of partners (API, CCIMA, CVUC, FEICOM, MINPMEESA, Autonomous Port of Kribi and Douala, the NGO Arc-En-Ciel, SIC, etc.).

They revolve around four axes:

  • Informs and guide potential investors
    • Support in internal administrative procedures
    • Support in setting up projects
    • Help and advice for obtaining subsidies, putting in touch with partner socio-economic institutions
    • Responses to concrete issues encountered in the context of the installation and activity (Agriculture, trade, livestock, energy, forestry, industry, housing, education and training, etc.)
  • Develop and enhance the land register
    • Inventory of available land and buildings
    • Contact with owners
    • Promotion of the cadastre to prospective investors and institutions socio-economic partners (SIC, etc.)
    • Connecting with real estate players
  • Promote and participate in the requalification of potential activity areas
    • Editing of "Sites to redevelop / economic activity parks" files.
  • Urban marketing
    • Territorial communication for economic decision-makers (investors, promoters, developers, etc.) in close relation with socio-economic partners.
    • Positioning of Nkol-Afamba at national and regional level

Chef of service of economic activities
Mme AMOUGOU Flavie, Epse Fama
(+237) 242 67 40 89 / 243 38 78 32