Against discrimination

Against discrimination

Discrimination affects many citizens. However, many of us ignore what discrimination is, ignore the law and its scope, suffer and / or discriminate through their actions or words, sometimes in a way conscious, often unconsciously.

Faced with this observation, the City of Nkol-Afamba has decided to act and is mobilized to prevent and fight against all forms of discrimination.


The law identifies twenty grounds for discrimination: age, sex, origin, marital status, customs, genetic characteristics, true or supposed membership of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion, physical appearance, disability, state of health, state of pregnancy, surname, political opinions, union activities, place of residence, loss of autonomy, discrimination against a person because of their particular vulnerability resulting from their economic situation, apparent or known to their author.

The law also specifies the areas where discrimination occurs: employment, traditions, public services (education, health, police, etc.), the provision of goods and services (especially leisure, middle of the night, social benefits etc.).


The discriminator may be ordered to repair the damage for example, damages and the victim’s interest.

what to do in case of discrimination ?

If you consider yourself discriminated against, you can file a complaint to the Police station, the National Gendarmerie, the Public Procurer or the Dean of Judges of instruction of the high court.

In order to be advised and accompanied, you can also contact a lawyer at the Cameroon Bar:

Website :
Online forms :
On phone Mobile : Mobile: (+237) 655 723 698 \ fixe: (+237) 222 220 385

Despite the negative effects of the economic situation, the policy pursued by the Town Hall of Nkol-Afamba is based on the principle of "Leaving no one behind", thus moving towards a common to several "zeros", notably zero poverty, zero hunger, zero AIDS and zero discrimination, in order to promote a life of dignity for all, peace and social cohesion, thus promoting sustainable development. Situational study on multiple forms of discrimination in Cameroon, carried out by the Research Circle on the Rights and Duties of the Human Person (CRED)

Étude situationnelle sur les formes multiples de discrimination au Cameroun

Réalisé par le Cercle de Recherche sur les Droits et les Devoirs de la Personne Humaine (CRED)

Publié(e) le 19/02/2019

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